I know what you are all thinking.  That’s a catchy title. Concise and to the point. 

Pure marketing genius.

Very little can be said to make the topic of obtaining CE credits exciting.  But as an individual who holds two Professional Designations, I’ll do my best.

I  have a love -hate relationship with getting my CE credits yearly.  

Continuing Education credits are not created equally. We learn, grow and develop as young professionals by staying current and educated in our roles and that means being strategic in the CE credits we choose to obtain. It may mean weighing our options between obtaining another designation, or specialty, or brushing up on current events within the same subject matter. 

Our peers expect us to be expert matters, and our Owners/members expect us to be prepared to answer all of their questions. We need to be on our A game.  We need to choose our credits wisely to ensure ultimate success for all parties involved.

The challenge as young professionals is that we now have competing priorities. Work-life balance, and increased workload.  Insert sigh of exhaustion here.

So, here are some tips to getting your CE credits completed for the year:

  • Determine the number of credits required for the year (you may have carry-forward credits from previous years).
  • Find an institution that you can become a member with.  One annual membership may get you all the credits you need.
  • Lean on your peers for courses they have found value in.
  • Pick topics that interest you. 
  • Volunteer, CE credits can sometimes be awarded for your time.
  • Take the free webinars! 
  • Put yourself first and set aside time to complete your credits (your future self with thank you!).

With only a few days left in April, have you created a game plan to complete your CE credits for the year? If so, send us an email or drop a comment below. I’d love to hear from you!